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Neighbourhood Houses are local organisations that provide social, educational and recreational activities for their communities in a welcoming supportive environment.
There are approximately 360 Neighbourhood Houses across Victoria with at least one Neighbourhood House in just about every town and suburb in Victoria.
Neighbourhood Houses are managed by volunteer committees and paid staff. They offer many opportunities for volunteer participation in all aspects of the house activities and management. Activities are generally run at low or no cost to participants. 


Congratulations to Bob Roache, winner of Grocery basket raffle drawn at the Morning Market -19/3. Thank you for the community support. 


Committee 2015/2016

President Ruth Owens

Vice-President Vanetta Harries

Secretary Justine Kenny

Treasurer Necola Joseph

Members-Necola Joseph, John Lowcock, Chris Peterson, Barb Richards



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All venues used by Hamilton Community House are Access Friendly


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